About Us
Printree is revolutionizing the copier industry by introducing the world's first innovative online marketplace connecting businesses with top local copier dealers and manufacturers.
Businesses now have the ability to get instant live quotes to compare the best options from multiple copier dealers before making a long term decision on who they will pick as their copier vendor.

Our Vision

Our vision at Printree is to create a revolutionary marketplace that connects businesses with local dealers to purchase, lease, and rent full size copiers and printers. We envision a world where the copier industry is transformed by transparency and convenience, making the often strenuous process of purchasing or leasing copiers & printers to be more enjoyable and efficient.

We believe that by streamlining the process of finding and working with the right copier dealers, businesses of all sizes will be able to access the high-quality printing equipment they need to succeed in the modern world.



Price Transparency

Customers can easily compare prices and features from different sellers and make an informed decision about which copier best fits their needs and budget.


Businesses can browse and compare copiers at any time and from any location with an internet connection, without having to schedule in-person meeting with sales reps.

Wide selection

Online copier marketplaces offer a wide selection of copiers from multiple sellers, giving businesses more options to choose from than they would have by meeting with
individual sales reps.