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Transparency and Competitive Pricing
With Printree, small business can now gain access to a transparent marketplace that connects them with verified copier dealers. This platform enables small businesses to instantly generate quotes and effortlessly compare competitive pricing from multiple dealers.
Comprehensive Service and Support
Printree's verified dealers offer comprehensive service and support, including delivery, installation, training, and ongoing maintenance. Government agencies can rely on the expertise of the dealers to handle all aspects of their copier requirements, ensuring smooth operations and minimal disruptions.
Verified Dealers
Printree's verified dealers have undergone a rigorous vetting process, providing government agencies with confidence in their expertise and reliability. These dealers have 20+ years of experience, ensuring they understand the specific requirements and compliance standards of government entities.
Efficient Procurement Process
Printree streamlines the copier procurement process for government agencies. With instant quotes and a user-friendly platform, agencies can save time and effort in acquiring copiers. The ability to compare options, select preferred dealers, and book directly through Printree simplifies the procurement journey.
Procurement Options Available
Here are the benefits to renting
Copier Purchases

Purchasing a copier offers government agencies numerous benefits. It allows for long-term cost savings, increased control and flexibility over printing needs, enhanced confidentiality and security for sensitive documents, improved time efficiency by eliminating reliance on external service providers, customization and integration options tailored to specific requirements, sustainability through eco-friendly practices, and improved service delivery.

With these advantages, agencies can optimize their printing operations, streamline workflows, and achieve greater productivity and cost-effectiveness.
Copier Leases

Leasing a copier offers government agencies a range of advantages, providing flexibility and cost-effective solutions for their printing needs. By opting to lease a copier, agencies can access the latest technology without a significant upfront investment.

Leasing allows for predictable monthly payments, simplifying budgeting and cash flow management. Additionally, leasing provides the flexibility to upgrade equipment as needed, ensuring agencies always have access to cutting-edge copier technology.
Copier Rentals

Renting a copier offers government agencies a flexible and cost-effective solution for their printing needs. By opting to rent instead of purchasing a copier, agencies can benefit from lower upfront costs and the ability to adapt their equipment as requirements change.

Renting provides access to the latest copier technology without the need for long-term commitments, allowing agencies to scale their printing capabilities as needed.
Our Dealers Have over 20 Years - Servicing Small Businesses in Southern California
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Printree has service verified dealers who have more than 20 years experience servicing copiers from all brands.
Why Small Business Book their Copier through Printree?
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Service and Maintenance Included
Leasing a copier through Printree provides real estate offices with the advantage of full service and maintenance, along with access to the latest technology and updated features. With leasing, you can have peace of mind knowing that the equipment is meticulously maintained, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing downtime. It's a convenient and cost-effective solution that allows you to focus on your core business while enjoying the benefits of a reliable and up-to-date copier.
Save Money Instantly
Lowering current spending with a better deal is crucial for businesses as it directly impacts their financial health and profitability. By securing a more favorable deal, companies can reduce their expenses and allocate resources more efficiently. This not only boosts their bottom line but also provides opportunities for investment, growth, and increased competitiveness. With Printree, businesses can access a wide range of copier options at competitive prices, enabling them to find cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or performance. Saving on operational costs through better deals allows businesses to strengthen their financial position and unlock new opportunities for success.
Compare Prices with Reputable Dealers
Comparing prices with reputable dealers is a crucial step in making informed decisions when searching for a copier lease. By comparing prices, you can ensure that you are getting the best possible deal for your copier, aligning with your budgetary constraints and specific requirements. This empowers you to make a cost-effective choice without compromising on quality or service. With Printree, you can confidently navigate the copier market, knowing that you have explored various options and selected the most advantageous pricing from trusted dealers.
Customize your Quote
By customizing your quote, you have the opportunity to tailor the copier options to your specific requirements and preferences. This ensures that you receive accurate pricing and features that align perfectly with your business needs. Customization allows you to optimize your copier selection, whether it's choosing the right speed, paper capacity, or additional functionalities. With Printree, you have the flexibility to create a quote that precisely fits your unique business needs, resulting in a tailored copier solution that maximizes efficiency and productivity
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Copier Quotes for Small Businesses
Step by Step Guide
Generate a Purchase, Lease or Rental Quote
Experience our revolutionary Purchase Quote generator. Gain access to a wide network of trusted dealers who offer competitive pricing for copiers.

Generating a purchase quote through Printree allows you to conveniently compare prices and evaluate multiple options from local dealers, ensuring you get the best value for your investment. Take advantage of our platform's transparency, simplicity, and efficiency to make an informed decision and secure the most favorable deal for your copier purchase.

With Printree, finding the perfect copier at the best price has never been easier.
Browse the Marketplace
Printree's copier marketplace provides a range of user-friendly features to enhance your browsing experience and help you find the perfect copier deal. Our advanced filter system allows you to narrow down your search based on specific criteria such as copier speed, monthly volume, price range, and desired accessories.

This helps you quickly and efficiently discover copiers that align with your budget and requirements. Additionally, the marketplace offers detailed product listings with comprehensive information about each copier, including specifications, available options, and pricing details.

With these features, you can easily compare copiers, make informed decisions, and find the best deal in the market from top dealers in your area.
Order Directly from a dealer
Ordering directly from a dealer's storefront on Printree provides a range of benefits that elevate your copier shopping experience. By gaining access to the inventories of the top dealers in town, you have an extensive selection of copiers at your fingertips, ensuring that you can find the perfect match for your office needs.

This unprecedented level of access and price transparency offered on Printree enables you to compare prices, features, and specifications with ease, empowering you to make an informed decision. No more guessing games or hidden costs – with Printree, you can confidently browse and order directly from trusted dealers, knowing that you are getting the best possible deal.

Experience a new era of copier shopping convenience and transparency that has never been seen before.
Get a Custom Offer
With Printree, you have the power to negotiate and obtain custom offers from any dealer you choose, all through our convenient messaging platform. No longer will you have to wait weeks for custom quotes from different dealers.

On Printree, you can connect with multiple dealers simultaneously, discuss your specific requirements, and receive personalized offers in a matter of minutes. This streamlined process saves you time and effort, allowing you to compare and negotiate the best deals efficiently.

Experience the convenience of swift communication and customized offers, revolutionizing the way you obtain copier quotes at Printree.
Low Price Lease Deals for Small Businesses
Need a short term solution? Get a month to month no contract agreement directly on printree, no credit no problem. Find the right Copier according to your budget with the right dealer and book your copier today!
Xerox AltaLink C8155
Xerox Alta Link C8155 / refurbished copier - color copier, copy machine, color printer and scanner
Xerox AltaLink C8155 | Pre Owned
Pre Owned
Print: Color and B&W
Speed: 50-60 PPM
Select an Add on
Lease Price
Xerox AltaLink C8030
Xerox Alta Link C8030 / refurbished copier - color copier, copy machine, color printer and scanner
Xerox AltaLink C8030 | Pre Owned
Pre Owned
Print: Color and B&W
Speed: 30-40 PPM
Select an Add on
Lease Price
Xerox AltaLink B8170
Xerox Alta Link B8170 / refurbished copier - black and white copier, copy machine, black and white printer and scanner
Xerox AltaLink B8170 | Pre Owned
Pre Owned
Print: Black And White
Speed: 70-80 PPM
Select an Add on
Lease Price