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Printing Assessments: Transforming Data into Actionable Insights
What is Printree’s Printer Assessment ?
Our printing assessments have been specifically designed as evaluations of our customers' printing environments. These in person/ online surveys provide a clear picture of the average costs associated with maintaining their printing infrastructure. By analyzing and interpreting this data, we provide our customers with valuable insights and solutions for achieving a more balanced and cost-effective printing setup.
Through our assessments, customers gain a deeper understanding of their printing costs, enabling them to make informed decisions and implement strategies for significant cost savings. We identify areas where efficiency improvements can be made, recommend device adjustments or upgrades, and suggest ways to streamline printing workflows. Our goal is to help businesses achieve a more optimized and cost-efficient printing environment.
Benefits of a Copier Assessment
Major Benefits
Cost Optimization
A printer assessment helps identify areas of inefficiency and excessive costs in your printing environment. By analyzing printing patterns, device usage, and supply consumption, the assessment provides insights and recommendations to optimize your printing infrastructure, reduce waste, and lower overall printing costs.
Improved Efficiency
Assessments evaluate your printing workflows and processes, identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement. By streamlining workflows, optimizing device placement, and implementing efficient printing practices, you can enhance productivity and save valuable time for your employees.
Enhanced Security
Printer assessments include a thorough evaluation of your printing security measures. This helps identify vulnerabilities, ensure compliance with data protection regulations, and implement appropriate security protocols to safeguard sensitive information, mitigating the risk of data breaches.
Right-sizing and Upgrades
A printer assessment helps determine if your current printer fleet meets your business needs. It identifies opportunities for right-sizing, which involves adjusting the number and types of devices to match your print volume and requirements accurately.

Assessments also provide recommendations for technology upgrades, ensuring you have the most suitable and efficient devices for your business needs.
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The Data we look at
Comprehensive Data Collection for Printer Assessment:

During our printer assessment, we collect a wide range of valuable data to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your printing environment. This includes:

1. Total Number of Devices: We identify and document the total count of devices within your printing infrastructure, giving us an overview of the scale of your setup.

2. Breakout by Make, Model, and Serial Number: We analyze and record the specific make, model, and serial numbers of each device. This detailed information helps us understand the diversity and capabilities of your printer fleet.

3. Breakout by Features: We categorize devices based on their features, such as color printing, multifunction capabilities, fax functionality, and the presence of finishers. This breakdown provides insights into the capabilities and functionalities available across your printing infrastructure.

4. Assumptive Total Costs: By leveraging the make and model information, we calculate assumptive total costs associated with each device. This includes equipment purchase costs, consumables expenses, and maintenance expenses. These cost estimates contribute to a holistic understanding of your printing expenditure.

Furthermore, we gather individual printer details, including:

- Pages Printed per Month: We assess the monthly page volumes for each device to gauge their usage and workload.

- Device Utilization: We evaluate how effectively each printer is being utilized, considering factors such as idle time, downtime, and printing activity.

- Costs per Device: We analyze the costs associated with each individual device, including equipment purchase expenses, consumables (such as ink or toner), maintenance costs, and any additional infrastructure costs like phone lines, electricity consumption, and help desk support.

- Lease Costs: If applicable, we capture lease costs associated with devices that are leased rather than purchased outright.

By collecting this comprehensive data, we gain a detailed understanding of your printing infrastructure, its costs, usage patterns, and potential areas for improvement. This enables us to provide tailored recommendations and insights to optimize your printing environment, increase efficiency, and reduce expenses.
Actionable Insights for Printer Assessment:
Our printer assessment provides actionable information that empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your printing environment. Here are some key aspects of the actionable insights we deliver:
1. Breakout Comparison
We provide a detailed breakout and comparison of your current printing setup. This includes an analysis of individual devices, allowing you to compare their current status with proposed changes, if applicable.
2. Model and Feature Set
We assess the model and feature set of each device, considering factors such as functionality and capabilities. This evaluation enables us to identify opportunities for device relocation or the introduction of new devices to fulfill specific needs.
3. Identifying High-Cost Devices
Identifying High-Cost and Low-Cost Devices: Our assessment identifies high-cost and low-cost devices based on factors such as cost per page and total cost of ownership. By pinpointing devices with higher expenses, we can suggest strategies to optimize costs and improve efficiency.
4. Replacing Devices
We identify opportunities to re-balance, remove, or replace devices within your printing infrastructure. This includes actions to achieve a lower cost per page, optimize device utilization, balance the number of users per device, and strategically place color printers and multifunction devices where they are most needed.
5. Improved Productivity and Security Compliance
Our assessment helps you improve productivity by migrating older devices with higher costs out of the organization. By re-balancing devices based on utilization patterns, you can achieve better resource allocation and cost optimization.

Additionally, we address security compliance considerations to ensure your printing environment aligns with relevant regulations and protocols.
6. Conclusion
By leveraging these actionable insights, you can make data-driven decisions to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and align your printing infrastructure with your business needs. Our goal is to provide you with practical recommendations that drive improvements in productivity, cost-effectiveness, and security compliance.
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