Everything you need to know about Leasing a Copier on Printree

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What is a Copier Lease?
A copier lease is an agreement between a business or individual and a copier leasing company. It allows the business or individual to use a copier for a specified period of time in exchange for regular lease payments. The lease includes maintenance and a service agreement. At the end of the lease term, the copier is either returned to the leasing company or can be purchased at a predetermined price. Copier leases are a popular option for businesses that need access to high-quality copiers without the upfront cost of purchasing one.
Who leases a copier?
Businesses and organizations of all sizes lease copiers. This includes small businesses, medium-sized companies, and large corporations all lease a copier.
Why do most companies lease vs purchasing?
Leasing a copier typically requires a $0 initial investment compared to purchasing one. This can be especially beneficial for small businesses or startups with limited budgets.
How long are copier leases?
Copier leases vary in length depending on the agreement between the business or individual and the leasing company. Typically, copier leases can range from 24 to 60 months (2 to 5 years). The longer the lease, the lower the monthly payement. Standard copier leases are 60 month leases.
How to Lease a copier on Printree
Step by Step Guide
1. Generate a Lease Quote
Gather all neccessary information and start your lease quote on the home page. You can also generate a lease quote anytime by clicking instant quote on the header.

Printree offers the world’s first multi-dealer lease quote generator. This revolutionary technology allows businesses to generate and compare instant lease quotes from the top copier dealers in their local city.
2. Choose your Equipment
Our product configurator and advanced filters create a personalized list of products that match your needs. No more guessing or endless comparisons. Find the perfect copier system effortlessly with our tailored options.

Already have a model in mind? Explore our comprehensive products list and use advanced filters to find the ideal match for your budget and requirements. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to hassle-free selection at Printree!
3. Choose a Service Agreement Package
Get service included with every lease at Printree! Choose from a range of service agreements tailored to your needs.

With Usage Included, enjoy a fixed monthly fee covering prints, copies, maintenance, repairs, and more.

Prefer flexibility? Opt for our Pay-Per-Click agreement, where you pay only for what you print or copy.

For unlimited prints and copies, our Unlimited Copies agreement is the perfect choice. Experience worry-free leasing with exceptional service options at Printree.
4. Select your Add-on’s
At Printree.com, we offer you the flexibility to customize your copier lease quote with additional items to meet your specific office needs.

Enhance your productivity by adding convenient accessories such as staplers, hole punchers, and more, ensuring seamless document preparation. Need fax capabilities? No problem!

We provide the option to include fax functionality in your lease package. With Printree, tailoring your copier lease quote to match your exact requirements has never been easier.
5. Compare Quotes
Compare your custom guaranteed lease quotes instantly. No emails, no phone calls and no sales reps. Unlike other sites, we have built a lease quote generator that allows you to compare lease quotes from the top copier dealers near you.

You can now compare lease quotes based on factors such as equipment, price, service, and other factors.

If you need more information about the equipment or dealer, you can click on the image of the copier to be directed to the product page where you can see the full spec sheet. Additionally, if you want to see quotes from all categories (purchase, lease, and rental), you can click on the "Compare All" option.
6. Book the Best Deal
After carefully analyzing quotes from different dealers, it's time to make a confident decision. With just a click, choose the lease option that suits you best and proceed to the checkout page.

Here, you'll have the opportunity to review the comprehensive details of your lease before finalizing your transaction. Click lease once again, and you'll be prompted to create your account, where you can seamlessly complete your lease transaction.

Enjoy a streamlined and efficient leasing experience with Printree, where the best equipment, prices, and convenience await you.
7. Select a Delivery Date
After finalizing your lease, you will be directed to our convenient "Schedule Your Delivery" page. Here, you can choose the desired date and time for the delivery of your copiers. Rest assured, we will promptly update the chosen dealer with this exciting opportunity and provide them with the details of your preferred delivery schedule.

In addition, we will send you a confirmation email and update your orders page, allowing you to easily manage and track your transaction. To ensure your satisfaction, the dealer will reach out to you personally to confirm that everything aligns with your preferences and send you the lease agreement for you sign.
8. Manage your Orders
Access your customer dashboard and navigate to the "Orders" tab to gain full control over your leasing experience. Here, you'll find a comprehensive overview of all your orders, complete with detailed deal information and more.

Need to clarify any details or have additional questions? No problem! Utilize the built-in chat feature to conveniently communicate with your dealer and get the answers you need.
9. Delivery and Lease Agreement
The dealer will promptly send you the lease agreement for your review. Take your time to carefully go through the agreement, ensuring that all terms and conditions align with your expectations.

Once you are satisfied, simply sign the lease agreement, and rest assured that the machine will be delivered on the scheduled date and time. At Printree, we prioritize transparency and quality assurance. All leasing companies affiliated with us have been thoroughly verified by both dealers and Printree, ensuring a 100% transparent and trustworthy leasing experience.
Choose the Perfect Service Agreement with your Lease

Choose a service agreement that fits your needs best!

Printree has service verified dealers who have more than 20 years experience servicing copiers from all brands.
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Top Lease Deals of the month
Need a short term solution? Get a month to month no contract agreement directly on printree, no credit no problem. Find the right Copier according to your budget with the right dealer and book your copier today!
Xerox AltaLink C8130
Xerox Alta Link C8130 / refurbished copier - color copier, copy machine, color printer and scanner
Pre Owned
Print: Color and B&W
Speed: 30-40 PPM
Select an Add on
Lease Price
Xerox AltaLink B8045
Xerox Alta Link B8045 / refurbished copier - black and white copier, copy machine, black and white printer and scanner
Pre Owned
Print: Black And White
Speed: 40-50 PPM
Select an Add on
Lease Price
Kyocera TASKalfa 6003i
Kyocera Tas Kalfa 6003i / refurbished copier - black and white copier, copy machine, black and white printer and scanner
Pre Owned
Print: Black And White
Speed: 60-70 PPM
Select an Add on
Lease Price